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In These Moments | Strong BW

Black & Whites and In-home documentary family photography is truly where my heart sings when I am working. The two combine magically for this month's In These Moments blog circle. Certainly everybody brushes their teeth, eats breakfast, gets dressed - you know, the everyday stuff, but it's the connections that happen while all this happens that makes everything so awesome. Have you ever paid attention to what goes on in the morning of a family? It's a lot! I promise you it's more than you ever thought. Come spend the morning with one of my favorite families.

It's amazing how much life happens in a few short hours.

Yes! I see you peeking at me cutie!

No wonder all of us parents are so tired ;) 

Ahhhh! That moment after your little sister leaves with Dad and you have Mom all to yourself - coloring. Can't get much better than that! All before 10:00 on a Saturday - breakfast, coloring, puzzles, hair styles, ballet outfits, bags packed, cookies and even some cleaning. Life is hectic, life is crazy, but it's awesome and filled with memories of times that pass too quickly.

Lighthouse Point, FL

Stacey + Michael + Isabella + Mikayla & Pepe too!

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That toy didn't make it much longer before it was snuck to the other room.