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What drew me to photography and all the pretty photos was the stories behind the photos. I could sit for hours with my Mommom (that was my name for my Grandmother) listening to her tell me about the photos. The people in them and what was happening at the time. Sometimes it was pretty obvious like a Christmas celebration or a birthday party, but a lot of times it wasn't. She used to take photos of everybody every time we were together. Many times it was the only way you could meet a relative. Maybe they passed away or there was some strange family feud going on. They were still your relatives though and part of your story. These moments with my grandmother will be with me forever and so will the family history I learned through them. 

I might at times seem pushy about printing your photos, but it's because of these memories and experiences that it is so important to me. Truly it needs to be important for all of us. We all have a story to tell :) Let me do it for you - in an heirloom album - you choose the color and size and I do all the heavy lifting :) The next thing you know I'm calling you to arrange a delivery time. That's right. I deliver :) 

Are you ready to book a photoshoot so I can make your heirloom album? Contact me - Now :) 

xo - Mia