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A Morning With The R Family | Boca Raton Family Photography

It's not always easy to wake up before the crack of dawn so you can arrive at a client's house before dawn - but it is so worth it! Watching the day begin through the eyes of little ones is certainly precious and to be welcomed into the home is most definitely an honor. If I had to pick a favorite family outside of my own family ;) the R family might just have to be it. It's not just because they are two awesome parents who really remember to keep their relationship awesome or because their girls are sassy, sweet, silly, super awesome girls or because I've watched them grow from single, dating people to this cute family, but it's everything all combined! I'm not saying their perfect - who is? They are just awesome!

Snuggles, doggy stares and bed head - what a great way to begin the day!

I want to remember how tiny they were - tiny fingers grow so quickly - too quickly. They go from holding on to us to letting go and moving on to the next step in life. These are the moments I want to treasure forever.

Who says dad's don't get involved? Not this dad - he loves being there - through it all. He even cooks! 

Can you tell someone was waking up a bit more and looking to play? Kids are the best! 

Involved - I told ya so :) Wait till you see how they get to ballet lessons!

 I love it! and want one too now.

Do you remember that feeling when your younger brother or sister would finally leave and you had one of your parents all to yourself? Best. Thing, In, The, World! There's not much better than a little one-on-one time with one of your parents <3