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One of my favorite products | Print your images

I love printing my personal images! My children love having photographs throughout the house as well. Sometimes they will just sit and go through one of the many albums from a random year. I do have to be honest though and admit that I procrastinate and I'm not as good at printing peresonally as I would like to, but don't tell anyone. Some of my favorite everyday images are actually on my phone like a lot of people and if I had a quarter for everytime I've heard someone talk about losing all their photos on their phone - well, you know how that saying goes. There are so many awesome companies out there that have created apps to use for printing right from your phone. You don't have to worry about having the right cables to connect to your computer or if you have the right software to get to your images. Heck, you can even do some pretty decent basic editing from your phones these days - I'll save that for another day. 

One of my favorite companies for printing from my iPhone is Artifact Uprising! I love their little square books - they are perfect for all those Instagram photos. I even made one for relatives one year. The app makes it super easy to put together the book in minutes. You might get sucked in a little longer than a few minutes though. They have other cool products too. 

This is a book I made for family a few years ago. I used photos from thoughout the year and it was the perfect recap for a nice gift. The grandmothers loved it - hint, hint. I was really pleased with the quality of the printing too. The black and white images printed just as nicely as the color ones. If you have never heard of or used them before I suggest you go for it. Download the app (iPhone here) and have some fun. If you order by tomorrow you can receive 10% off your order (MOMSDAY) - hey, every bit helps :)   I am so sorry to my android readers - I could not find an Adroid app for Artifact. 

Now go get those photos off your cell phones! (and iPads too)!  When you receive your first book poost an image to my Facebook page. I can't wait to see what everybody makes. 

Have a warm and wonderful day,