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What Happened To My Old Blog?

I was hacked - and it was ugly!!! I can work my way around a backoffice pretty well and I'm not afraid to try new things, but when you start asking me to clean up files and folders where the content looks all Greek to me - no way. Fortunately, I have been on the receiving end of some pretty stellar Go Daddy support technicians (some not-so-stellar as well, but I won't mention them) who have spent hours with me on the telephone working through issues and helping me to clean-up some messes left by some pretty nifty hackers. I'll say that I handled it all in stride and took from it what I could as a learning lesson. A very time consuming lesson as I lost the past three years of blog posts throughout the entire downfall. 

Maybe if I blogged more consistently I would have noticed the damage before it was too big to handle. Maybe if I'd spent a few extra dollars for that security that I thought, "I'll never need, it's just a photography website." none of it would have happened in the first place. Maybe if I was big enough to have my own tech support on staff I wouldn't have to deal with this in first place - A girl can dream and dream big - right? Well, I've learned my lesson(s) - Blog more and consistently, don't use an open source system like Wordpress and work harder to hire my own tech support :) 

As you can see I'm blogging :) and I'm not using Wordpress anylonger. Not to dump on Wordpress, because apparently if I had paid for some sort of anti-virus packae then the hackers would have stopped immediately. Once I blog - a lot - you'll see that I'm working harder to hire that tech support guru :)

For all you Wordpress users out there - Please, Please, Please make sure you have some sort of protection on your site! It's damaging what some of these viruses can do. What ever bug was put into my site it was generating new admins by the 100's just about as fast as I could delete them. (Although there were +5000 admins by the time I noticed - shakes head in shame) There were also +6000 spam blog posts by those spam admins. It was a nightmare to say the least. It was kind of like watching The Matrix with all code on the screen, code that I couldn't read and as fast as the super-helpful Go Daddy Tech Support and I could delete the posts and admins there were hundreds more. 

We ended up working backwards to a date that I seemed to be uninfected and restore all the files. This part I would never in a million years attempt by myself - it's all a mystery. During this process we must have hit the folder that contained the nasty virus because my entire site went blank. Blank as in the white Wordpress page of doom as I've learned it's called. Sure, I could have started over with a completely new template, using  the files somewhere in the backend, but they still might contain the virus of doom and it would happen all over again. 

That's where I pulled the plug on Wordpress, pushing one little button that wiped it and all it's dirty, infected files from my Go Daddy backoffice.

I still love and use Go Daddy for hosting.

However . . . I HEART Squarespace even more :) 

All things happen for a reason even though that reason may not be crystal clear or even muddy at the time, but they happen so something better, more important, or neccessary can happen. 

Allow me to capture your spirit & soul,