heirloom family albums for the win  |  print your photos


heirloom family albums for the win | print your photos

What drew me to photography and all the pretty photos was the stories behind the photos. I could sit for hours with my Mommom (that was my name for my Grandmother) listening to her tell me about the photos. The people in them and what was happening at the time. Sometimes it was pretty obvious like a Christmas celebration or a birthday party, but a lot of times it wasn't. She used to take photos of everybody every time we were together. Many times it was the only way you could meet a relative. Maybe they passed away or there was some strange family feud going on. They were still your relatives though and part of your story. These moments with my grandmother will be with me forever and so will the family history I learned through them. 

I might at times seem pushy about printing your photos, but it's because of these memories and experiences that it is so important to me. Truly it needs to be important for all of us. We all have a story to tell :) Let me do it for you - in an heirloom album - you choose the color and size and I do all the heavy lifting :) The next thing you know I'm calling you to arrange a delivery time. That's right. I deliver :) 

Are you ready to book a photoshoot so I can make your heirloom album? Contact me - Now :) 

xo - Mia


Kelsey  |  Boca Raton Bat Mitzvah


Kelsey | Boca Raton Bat Mitzvah

Friends, Friends and more Friends! The most perfectly planned South Florida Bat Mitzvah I have ever seen! Every single detail was perfection. You'll never guess who the event planner was. MOM! The mom of the Bat Mitzvah wore many hats getting to this day and it all paid off with an amazing Friends themed Bat Mitzvah. Dalsimer Atlas did an outstanding job with the flowers and decorations while working closely with mom's plans. I have been waiting for this day since we first met and then your awesome bat mitzvah pre-shoot!

Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography | "Allow me to captu
Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography | "Allow me to captu

They are one good looking family :) 

Mom and Dad are the cutest :) that might be one of my favorites from the day!

I fell in love with the color of Kelsey's Talit. That blue is gorgeous and was beautiful on Kelsey.

Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography | "Allow me to captu

Time to party and celebrate Kelsey! Wait to see some of these amazing details to make the day complete :) 

I loved her "candle lighting" ceremony - full of tears, laughter and love with the most original alternate to candles.


By the way, are you catching some of the amazing details along the way? I'm up to six already ;) scroll below for a few more.

Pure energy kept the party going non stop! I love working with all the MC's and Marcelo was amazing with the kids and the adults.

Event Planner - Kelsey's Mom!

Kelsey's Dress - Teen Angel Boutique

Temple - B'nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton

Party Venue - Benvenuto

Stationer - Creative Impressions

DJ & Entertainment - Pure Energy, MC - Marcelo

Flowers & Decorations - Dalsimer

Photo Booth - Funtastic Photo

Kelsey + (Deb & Gary)

Kelsey! May you always let the light shine on you as it did today - You are wonderful and I wish I could spend more days with you. 

xo - Mia

PS - if you're still reading, I'm up to 11 extra fun little details :) 

Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography | "Allow me to captu


Lerner Girls pre-shoot  |  Downtown Delray Beach, FL


Lerner Girls pre-shoot | Downtown Delray Beach, FL

Beautiful weather, great little downtown and not one, but two gorgeous girls. 

Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography

I mean - those smiles! They were the sweetest girls - Look how similar their outfits are, but yet so different.

Favorite image alert 

Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography

or maybe this one is 

Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography

I totally loved hanging out with you girls for the afternoon around Downtown Delray Beach. I'd wanna be your friends if I was "young" again ;) 

You girls are awesome! I'd wanna hang our with you if I was "young" again 😉You are going to be amazing at you B'not Mitzvah! Watch out Club Med - the best mitzvah celebration is sure to happen!

Boca Raton Family and Lifestyle Photography

Gabby  +  Mackenzie

Location - Atlantic Avenue, Downtown Delray Beach


Thanks for an amazing time at your pre-shoot! I'm totally excited for your B'not Mitzvah and then Club Med!! It's sure to be an awesome day!

xo - Mia


March For Our Lives  |  Parkland, FL


March For Our Lives | Parkland, FL

Emotional. Powerful. Hopeful. 

Just a few of the words that fill my heart and head when I think about my experience at the #marchforourlives march last Saturday. My husband and I proudly walked with three of our children along with many other families who are a part of the Samaritans365 family spreading #kindness while sharing our hopes for the future; the future our children want to be a part of. A future where there don't have to be "active shooter" drills - much worse than the "duck and cover" drills of my childhood or hiding under the desk in case of a tornado. Parkland is a mere 10 minutes from my home and a community not much unlike our own. This tragedy is a slap in the face wake up call that this can and will happen in any community. #change must happen. We must work to make our schools and communities the safe places they should be.

The emotional words of the survivors, teachers and parents of the victims still fill my head and heart, but also give me the encouragement to keep working towards #change #neveragain #enoughisenough #parklandstrong #msdstrong

Parkland and Marjory Stoneman Douglas - we love and support you.

To view the entire gallery of images from the walk please visit this gallery. Please feel free to share the images as long as proper photo credit to MIALYNNphotography is given. 

Have a warm and wonderful day,



Emma  |  boca raton portrait photographer

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Emma | boca raton portrait photographer

Emma! Emma! Emma! I could photograph you all day long and then some.

Your sweet, fun, exciting and kind personality set you miles apart from a lot of teens these day. Although, I've been telling your mom for a couple of years that you guys are all great kids! What's their secret? 

rainbows and smiles :) and this next one might be my favorite.

...but this is my favorite family shot!

Shouldn't everyone play a little volleyball in a sparkly, cute, black dress ;) Why, Yes! is the answer.

Every girl should have exactly two brothers who look after and care for her at least as half as much as yours do :) 

You nailed it Emma! I couldn't have asked for a better photo shoot! I hope you love all of your images. I can't wait for your Bat Mitzvah!

Atlantic Ave

Delray Beach

Emma + (Stacy & Jason) + Max + Sam

I love your family! You guys are the best!  (If you see it - He gotcha!)

xo - Mia

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